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Updates and news

The latest updates from the Hotties on the progress of this project.

2024 Calendar Shoot

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The Hotties of Harm Reduction was founded largely by folks who have done sex work and we have always been explicitly body-, sex- and sex worker positive! So in 2024 we are celebrating this part of our heritage and declaring 2024 our sex and sex worker year! In 2024 the entire theme of the calendar is SEXY and a celebration of sex work! Who is sexy? You are if you want to be and declare yourself to be! There are ZERO limits on who is sexy or what that looks like.

We want to see your tshirts!

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A lot of people bought Hotties tshirts from our stall at the National Harm Reduction Conference. We’d love to see how they look on you… and we’d really love to show other people how good they look on real harm reductionists! So send us your photos…

Partner Recipients for 2022

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We are very pleased to announce to our partner/recipients for this year’s HOHR funding. Our recipients were chosen for a variety of reasons from a large pool of amazing applicants.

Self Portrait Tips

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A few folk have reached out to us saying they wanted some tips on taking their photos. So I’ve put together some things to think about that might make taking your hottie photo easier.


Funds raised by the Hotties of Harm Reduction will be used for organizations and/or programs with smaller budgets and the Points of Distribution Start Up and Service Gap Fund which provides free harm reduction supplies to new and emerging harm reduction organizations and those experiencing a gap in funding/supplies who demonstrate need.