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2023 Hotties Calendar

from $25.00

The 2023 Hotties of Harm Reduction Calendar is now available to order! All profits from the sales of this calendar go to these great harm reduction organisations:Points of Distribution, CORE, The Church of Safe Injection and Intercambios.

The the 2023 calendar was shot on location during the 2022 National Harm Reduction Conference in Puerto Rico. All the harm reduction information herein has been researched using peer reviewed sources, community experts and/or is the result of the real-life experiences of drug users and sex workers. In addition, we have added “resiliency” tips. These are evidence-based activities that have been shown to improve mood and our ability to be resilient in the face of stress.

Pricing: Calendars are priced on a sliding scale allowing you to either just grab a calendar, or to also donate extra money to the orgs we support.

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