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2024 Hotties Calendar

from $25.00

The 2024 Hotties of Harm Reduction Calendar is now available to order! All profits from the sales of this calendar go to these great harm reduction organisations:Points of Distribution- Tacoma, Sex Worker Outreach Project- Honolulu, and HIPort City Harm Reduction- Wilmington, NC.

The the 2024 calendar is made from community submitted photography. All the harm reduction information herein has been researched using peer reviewed sources, community experts and/or is the result of the real-life experiences of drug users and sex workers. In addition, we have added “resiliency” tips and facts about sex work.

This calendar is due to ship before Christmas.

Pricing: Calendars are priced on a sliding scale allowing you to either just grab a calendar, or to also donate extra money to the orgs we support.

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