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Harm reduction Hotties

Mission and Values

Though many things about HOHR 2.0 are different, our mission- to raise money and awareness about and for harm reduction- remain the same.

And the values we embraced at the outset of the project back in 2004 still include:

  • Embracing and celebrating the diversity of humanity on every axis – be it in the holidays we acknowledge or the bodies we photograph/publish- we love and have always sought to represent the gorgeous variety of humans- in all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, genders and states of ability- in the harm reduction community and beyond.

  • Providing science and experience based, non-judgmental, harm reduction information that will be of immediate use to harm reduction workers and the folks they serve.

  • Supporting the smallest organizations committed to grassroots organizing and the principles of harm reduction.

  • Being a collaborative and community-based project.

  • Being entirely a volunteer labor of love for the harm reduction community.

Luis, Moher. Photo credit: Kasper Koczab