Hotties 2021 Photoshoot

For a 2022 calendar and associated merch

Due to the COVID- 19 pandemic we are changing the way that the Hotties project works for 2021 (don’t worry we plan to return to some kind of normal next year). Our plan is for you to become your own photographers.

What we need


We need Hotties, thats you… honestly it is. We want to show how hot harm reduction is. All you need to do is take a good selfie (or have a friend play with you and hold your… camera). For inspiration take a look at some of the images on the ‘History‘ page. What we are looking for should include:

  • Tasteful nudity – we want you to be nude but we are sensitive to the fact that people put these calendars up on offices and other places where full nudity wouldn’t be appropriate so we ask that you be “tasteful”- which in this case means creatively covering genitals and nipples on boobs (no one cares if they aren’t attached to boobs because sexism is real).

  • Mask action – we’re going with a theme of face masks, if you need to ask why then we suspect you haven’t watched the news for the last year. But feel free to be creative which what mask you wear, and what it covers.

  • Why you do this – as in the reasons that harm reduction and/or taking part in the Hotties project are important to you. In two sentences or less (yes, we understand how hard that is, we have faith in you). We plan to add text from this to the images and to the calendar in general. We will ruthlessly edit if you exceed our two sentence limit.

  • Permission – we need you to confirm that we can use the image. That means that we must have a signed consent form for anyone in the image, and the permission of the person who took the photo (obviously that might be all one person).

  • Proof of age – We need an extra selfie of you holding a government ID with the name and a birthdate visible and readable as well as your lovely face (HINT: hold your ID at the edges so you don’t accidentally cover up the info). We’ll explain more about this later as you fill in the form.

As always with Hotties of Harm Reduction we embrace and celebrate the diversity of humanity on every axis. Obviously only a select few images will make it onto the calendar for next year, but the rest will still be used here on the site, on social media and on random merch.

now you’ve read all that

Send your photograph

Up to you how you send the image to us, the form below has the option off attaching one (under 8mb), or if you want to send more than 1 photo please use a service like WeTransfer and include the link in the “anything else we should know” section on the form.

This form has three sections: Your Details, Model Release and Image Upload.

Your details

    Where does the money raised go?

    Funds raised by the Hotties of Harm Reduction will be used for organizations with budgets of a $200,000 or less and the Points of Distribution Start Up and Service Gap Fund which provides free harm reduction supplies to new and emerging harm reduction organizations and those experiencing a gap in funding/supplies who demonstrate need.
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