Hotties 2021 Photoshoot

For a 2022 calendar and associated merch

Help us out a bit when it comes to uploading your photos. We are expecting to receive quite a few photo submissions and thats wonderful, but if possible could you name the image files with your name for us… it’ll help when archiving and sorting through. Examples:

NigelBrunsdon.jpg    Nigel-Brunsdon.jpg   CatherineSwansonID.jpg    Arielle-McKee-Passport.jpg

Almost done

Send your photograph

So obviously you are the person in the photograph (if not, please don’t send it, have then do it instead). But did you take it?

    Please fill out the form on the previous page.

    Where does the money raised go?

    Funds raised by the Hotties of Harm Reduction will be used for organizations with budgets of a $200,000 or less and the Points of Distribution Start Up and Service Gap Fund which provides free harm reduction supplies to new and emerging harm reduction organizations and those experiencing a gap in funding/supplies who demonstrate need.
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