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Hotties of Harm Reduction

Baring it all for harm reduction since 2005

2024 Calendar Now Available

This year the calendar is again made of community submitted images. With all profits raised going to amazing harm reduction organizations. 

Money raised funds harm reduction.

Available soon

T-shirts, postcards and more..
After how popular they proved at the National Harm Reduction Conference we will be adding out Hotties tshirts to the website soon. We are also planning on producing postcard sets of some of our most popular photos.

Design subject to change.

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2022/2023 Calendars still available

Our previous calendars from the last couple of years are still available to purchase. They might not be much use as a calendar now (unless you are secretly a time traveller!… just in case you are, can you go back and buy some Apple stock in the 1980s then use the money you get to support harm reduction orgs!)… anyway they may not be useful as calendars, but as a bit of harm reduction history, they’re gold.

Money raised funds harm reduction.


Funds raised by the Hotties of Harm Reduction will be used for organizations and/or programs with smaller budgets and the Points of Distribution Start Up and Service Gap Fund which provides free harm reduction supplies to new and emerging harm reduction organizations and those experiencing a gap in funding/supplies who demonstrate need.

History of a naked calendar

The Hotties of Harm Reduction (HOHR) was born, like so many good things in the harm reduction community, during an inebriated conversation at a house party. This one was in Albany, CA during the summer of 2003 among a group of friends/comrades/colleagues who worked or volunteered at some combination of the Berkeley Free Clinic (BFC), Needle Exchange Emergency Distribution (NEED) of Berkeley and (the original) Points of Distribution (POD) of Oakland and San Francisco.

During the party the conversation turned to the fact that there were so many HOT people in the harm reduction community! Full consensus was immediate- with various people confessing to a variety of crushes on people that they knew from the local/ national/ international harm reduction scenes. A recent news story of a nude charity calendar had been in the press and someone, lost to the mists of time and inebriants, suggested “Wouldn’t it be funny if there were a nude calendar for the harm reduction community?” to many giggles and much excitement.

The team

The team behind Hotties is mostly the same as it used to be (although slightly older). Catherine Swanson and Arielle McKee are still the organising powerhouses they have always been. Kasper Koczab (the original photographer) has stepped away from the project (but has given his approval for us to continue). The talented Nigel Brunsdon is taking over photography and website duties. Jae Rodriguez is wrangling all the social media accounts.








The team will be donating their time to this project.